Christmas 2018 

Happy Holidays to you!  I hope this note finds you well this year….this year has felt like something out of a Lemony Snicket novel for me....a series of Fortunate and Unfortunate events (repeat as needed, lol!).  The first part of the year was busy working on music and some consulting projects when I had a serious fall at my health club (just walking and tripped, no kidding) and ended up breaking my left shoulder and arm in 4 places … so I ended up having to have surgery for that and about a 3 month…

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May 2018 

May 2018

I hope wherever you are in the world, that you are having a lovely spring (or fall, as the case may be!).  It's been a couple of busy months for me....I am still recuperating from a bad fall I had in early March (over at my health club, as ironic as that is, lol!) in which I ended up having multiple fractures in my shoulder and arm, so had a surgery to insert a plate and 9 pins in my arm and shoulder - yikes!  Needless to say, I haven't been able to play the piano since then, but the silver lining…

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Holidays 2016 Post 


Happy Holidays to you once again!  I hope this letter finds you well this year….it’s been a year of growth and learning for me, as I had some health setbacks this year. I was diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer after Thanksgiving last year, and although it was an aggressive kind, it was caught early so my prognosis is very good.  After about 4 ½ months of chemo, a small surgery and then 7 weeks of radiation, I am doing well and only have about 5 more months of a targeted chemo to…

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New Short Film using Music by Sharon West! 


Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share with you a new short film created by Jim Kuchler and he used my music for the soundtrack! In case you are interested in which songs and CDs they are from, here they are in order of how they play in the film:


1) Voice in the Wind - Canvas of my Soul CD;

2) Sunset at the Lake - Notes from the Woods CD;

3) Mystical Forest - Dances in the Mist CD;

4) Dancing Fountains - Dances in the Mist CD;

5) Garden of Unspoken Words - World Journey CD.

Hope you enjoy the film!


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Spring Shows Signs of Arriving! 

Well, finally spring is starting to arrive here in Chicago this year!  The birds are really starting to sing their songs and the grass is starting to get a green tint to it, so we have hopefully really turned the corner towards warmer weather.

As the days get longer, somehow the day seems to slow down and a gentle mist of life emerging seems to lift our spirits.  I have been busy watching the cardinals, robins and squirrels get about their business of coming to life and preparing for the next round of…

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Summer of Fomenting 

I am writing this blog today as it is my Mom's birthday and I am thinking of her, although she has been gone for nearly 25 years now....I have been writing and working on “my music” for a number of years now, and many people know that I left the corporate world a number of years ago to spend time writing music full-time…and so I have been, and produced a number of CDs and worked with many wonderful songwriters, musicians and composers in the interim, and attended many great songwriting workshops in the…

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The Creative Process 

Well, I've never done a Blog before, but I figured this might be a good way to talk more about my music, and where it comes from, what influences me, and talk some about the creative process that I use....I do get a lot of questions from people about how I come up with the songs, how I come up with the names of them, how do you write - on paper, at the piano or on the computer, I guess I'll start there.


The creative process I use:  many times I'll just be going about my day and doing various…

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