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by Sharon West

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May 2022 

Thanks for stopping by my website!  I hope you are staying well and the weather is good for you, wherever you live in the world!  Living here in the midwest, outside Chicago, it went from cold-late spring weather to a very warm week last week…but, sure to "Chicago form", the weather is now switching back to more moderate late spring temperatures in the 60s-70s, which is good! 

I was lucky enough to spend last week up in Waupaca, Wisconsin to attend a number of events hosted by the Winchester Academy called “Roots of Jazz: A Celebration of Early Jazz.”  It was a great week of lectures and performances on everything from African Percussion Rhythms, to Player Pianos (the kind you actually had to pump with your feet, not electric!), to a great Ragtime Music performance, to an African Drum and Dance Ensemble (which also featured a great player of the balafon - an African instrument a lot like a xylophone but made of bamboo).  It was a great week of fun, learning and simple enjoyment of all things musical!  Plus, it was the first time since the pandemic that I have really been out and about in larger crowds, so it was all very enjoyable. 

I am spending my days this spring and summer collaborating with a friend I met through classes I am taking through Cinematic Composing online…and my composing friend lives in Berlin and I am outside Chicago, so we are gaining a lot of experience on managing time-zones, how to compose remotely and share files, and keeping our composing studios “in sync” so that we can seamlessly work on the same project and split up work.   We are focusing our first efforts on writing for various online “composer sites” that are looking for original music in the Magic/Fantasy genre, similar to music you hear in movies such as Edward Scissorhands or Alice in Wonderland.  It’s tremendously fun but also hard work, and I am learning an absolute ton about orchestral writing and production, and my collaborator and I complement each other’s skills so it’s working out quite well.  I will keep you apprised of progress and hopefully some great successes ;). 

I have started writing about each of the songs from my latest album, Lake of Dreams, and what I was thinking about while creating those songs.  So each month, I am writing about 2 of the tracks in my Blog, so if you are interested, please click here to read all about those. This month I wrote about composing Tracks 7 (The Language of the Soul) and 8 (Meditato) from my latest album, Lake of Dreams, so check that out if you are interested in my thoughts while composing those pieces.

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Thanks again for all your support and see you again in the happy month of June! ;)



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