Sharon West

Sharon West brings an original and new sound to New Age music which blends elements of classical, jazz and electronic music. She composes music and songs that help people to relax, rejuvenate and find comfort in the world today.  Sharon’s music explores themes of nature, life mysteries, exploration, spirituality and the beauty in our lives that often goes unnoticed.

Sharon has been heavily influenced by many new age artists such as Kitaro, Enya and David Arkenstone as well, as many classical composers such as Aaron Copland, Chopin and Beethoven in particular.  She is increasingly interested in electronic ambient music by artists such as Aes Dana and Darshan Ambient.  Many of Sharon’s songs are placed in various film, advertising and TV libraries and a number of her CDs have placed in the Top 20 of the New Age Reporter Radio Charts.  A couple of songs have been selected for film projects related to exploring the universe.

On her latest CD, Nature Dream, a number of songs explore how nature can help us see our own lives in a different perspective.  In the tender song “Sunset through Golden Leaves” we can sense a longing for days and people that are in our past by watching the sun set through golden maple leaves on a late fall day – perhaps how we have learned from past mistakes or would have done things differently.  In the beautiful song “Raindrops and Lily Pads” Sharon explores the lesson that lily pads on a pond in a gentle summer rain teach us about finding buoyancy and beauty in all aspects of our lives, even on the rainy days.

Sharon is currently working on two new CDs to be released in 2020 - one in the New Age category and another in the ambient Electronic style. Sharon continues to explore topics such as mysteries of science, spirituality, the search for meaning in life, and connections (to our environment, other people as well as a higher power).





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