May 2022: “Language of the Soul” and “Meditato”

May 2022

This month’s discussion of tracks from my latest album, Lake of Dreams, is discussing what I was thinking about while composing Tracks 7 (The Language of the Soul) and 8 (Meditato)!  I would call these 2 tracks my most “spiritual” on this album, as they encompass some truly esoteric but introspective ideas. 

Track 7, The Language of the Soul, draws on the idea that our souls, who we are in our deepest selves, really doesn’t convey information in the same way we communicate to others in our physical lives, like normal gestures and speaking.  This is all my own perspective, but I think when we get really quiet during meditation or prayer, we start to enter another realm that seems devoid of words and simply start to perceive (and even communicate) in images and emotions that words would have a hard time capturing.  So I was trying to capture through music what that kind of “language” would look and sound like. To me, this song is about being open to the possibilities of understanding other people, cultures, other realms and searching for real communication and understanding of a higher power, too. 

Track 8, Meditato, is a a song about taking a deep breath and finding a place of peace and calm within ourselves.  It’s a form of musical meditation as gratitude to the universe for being here today (at least that's what I was thinking of when I composed it).  It’s a quiet soliloquy of accepting things as they are, making peace with the universe and seeking a higher understanding of what in the world we are all doing here, what is it all about.   

I hope you found this somewhat helpful, interesting and entertaining!  As composers, we have lots of random thoughts that seem to eventually coalesce into musical ideas that (hopefully) mean something to our listeners ;). 

See you next month when I move onto the next 2 tracks, Track 9 (Hope and Elegy) and Track 10 (Travels in Time)!  Thanks for reading ;)

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