March 2022: "Hidden Worlds" and "Breeze of a Memory"

I’ve always been interested in what artists were thinking about as they were creating a piece of music, or painting or dance, or whatever creative piece of art they created.  So I have decided to share what I was thinking about while creating each of the songs on my latest album, “Lake of Dreams.”   I am up to tracks 3 and 4 on the new album, so here’s what I was thinking about while creating these pieces: 

Track 3: Hidden Worlds 
The world is full of mysteries…whether they be things outside of what we can see in our visual spectrum, or what we can hear, ancient civilizations that we know little about, or even physical things like electricity, gravity or subatomic particles.  I am a big fan of both science and the supernatural, and even though a friend of mine once said “yes, but eventually science will solve the mystery of whatever we don’t understand so there really isn’t anything that is ‘supernatural’ per se.”  Well, I adore my friend and the way he thinks, but I’m not totally convinced about that…I studied engineering in college and absolutely love mathematics and all types of science, but even physicists today are seeing that there are certain things that we may never understand, just due to the limitations of the 4 dimensional world we live in and the fact they we have physical limitations as humans.  So this song is about the wonder of learning new things, exploring new worlds, and leaving room for the truly miraculous that we, maybe, aren’t ready to realize yet. 

Track 4: Breeze of a Memory 
Remembering certain events from our lives is a miraculous thing, and we can easily be brought back to another time when we were enjoying the company of someone who is no longer here, or the wonderful time we had with friends or family, or just discovering some new place, person or hobby or whatever that filled us with a sense of contentment.   Hopefully this song will help you remember something like that….it’s a great feeling that can provide both comfort and a sense of well-being in the world, no matter what you are going through at the moment. 

That’s is for this month….please feel free to share any comments you might have about these songs and how you felt about them, and I will see you next month for the next 2 songs!

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