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I had been focusing on the one thing in my life that was not going well and ignoring the remainder of my life. I had chronic headaches, significant tension, and endless stress. I felt lost, confused and moreover, I did not know what to do. A friend of mine suggested that I use this CD, Be Still and Breathe. I started using Be Still and Breathe for the next 2 weeks, listening to the CD every day. I decided it was worth my time and energy. I was amazed at the true transformation that happened over the course of my 2 week journey. I now feel refreshed, energized, and focused. My stress is gone and I am now free to focus on my present and future plans.
Jason P.

Your Be Still and Breathe CD is wonderful!  I use it all the time when doing my yoga and sometimes even as background music when I’m just relaxing….wonderful.
Elizabeth Q.

I love the Holiday Treasures CD!  I listen to it throughout the year even….what a great mixture of warm and inspiring songs…love it!
Camille B.

Music to our Ears!  My compliments to DUSTY DREAMS MUSIC.  I play “ Dances in the Mist” & “Notes from the Woods” to my elementary aged students while they relax & do “Homework Workshop” during class.  It creates a calming, mystical environment & enhances their time to learn.  It is indeed a meaningful flow of rest, fun & relaxation!   Thank you Sharon West!
Medge S.

Thanks so much for your wonderful music…it is brilliant! I'm so glad you took the leap of faith and produced it.
JoEllen F.

If everyone listened to the Notes from the Woods CD in their cars, we could wipe out Road Rage! "Spring at CrabApple Lake" is like a massage for the soul. But, "Native Prairies" remains my favorite.
Ann C.

I really like the melodies and atmosphere that you setup for the songs. There is some really good stuff going on here!
Rob S.

I listened to your CD all day yesterday at the office. Nice calming music.
Kathy F.

Sharon, I recently picked up your third CD "Notes from the Woods". You have shown great progression with "Notes" since you started writing just a few short years ago. With “Notes”, the music flows beautifully and is very enjoyable to listen to. The quality of the pictures and CD packaging is very professional. I am looking forward to your next CD.
Mark P.

Each time I listen to your CD, I like it more and more! Thanks!
John M.

Love the CD - very, very, very good! Enjoyed every song tremendously, especially The Mystical Forest and Glimpses. All wonderful. This is great stuff!
Vicki T.

Sharon…I'm listening to your CD. It is incredible…very impressive and perfect for my office music!
Becky T.

Sharon--I picked up "Notes from the Woods" at the Arboretum and have been enjoying it ever since while driving in my car.  It actually makes sitting in traffic and waiting for trains an enjoyable experience!
Kay V.

We are SO enjoying your CD. We are very impressed with your talent. The variety and consistently intricate details of your work is great!
Tia E.

I was your nephew Max's teacher and his family gave me your CD as an end of the year gift.  I love it!  It is so relaxing and beautiful. I plan to listen to it often when I need an escape!  You are very talented; I look forward to hearing more of your music in the future!
Traci C.

Dances in the Mist is absolutely inspirational! The music is both soothing and uplifting, and a pleasure to listen to over and over.
Patty Z.

Wow - how refreshing! A mutual friend directed me to your website, I must thank him tomorrow. I love your sound - it is breath-taking and breath-giving. I will be sure to let Kevin  know how glad I was to visit your site. Keep doing what you are doing.

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