April 2022: "Angels of the Night" and "On Wings of Love!"

April 2022 

This month’s discussion of tracks from my latest album, Lake of Dreams, is discussing what I was thinking about while composing Tracks 5 (Angels of the Night) and 6 (On Wings of Love)!   

On Track 5, Angels of the Night, I was thinking about a couple different things….one particular area was the selfless and kind service of all of our courageous and compassionate doctors and nurses helping people who have gotten ill during the Covid epidemic, all around the world.  In many ways, they truly are Angels of the Night:  when you are faced with any kind of illness, doctors (and even especially nurses) can be the guide through the darkness for both people going through the illness themselves or having loved ones who are ill.  I know from own experiences with both Rheumatoid Arthritis and going through the full-regimen of treatments for Breast Cancer over 5 years ago, that it was/is the kind spirit, knowledge and compassion of those who care for us that can make all the difference both on the outcome as well as the journey during the illness.  Even anyone who is caring for someone who is ill, or homeless or in tough situations anywhere in the world (and I think especially today of all the people who are helping with the refugees, the wounded, the hurting, the starving in Ukraine, but also countless other folks around the world helping anyone in need), all those people are truly Angels of the Night!  This song is a tribute to those folks ;). 

Track 6, On Wings of Love, is a somewhat similar song in terms of the human emotion behind it….I was thinking particularly of how anything is possible when you keep love and hope in your heart.  Our dreams can be realized with help and encouragement from others, as well as dedication to all the steps necessary 
to achieve those goals (education, practice, etc…).  Sometimes just a few minutes of calm meditation or relaxation can put us in a different frame of mind that helps re-center us to continue moving forward. This song has light feel to it to remind us to just sometimes “glide on the wind” and relax into the sensation of soaring over our troubles and obstacles, and see the beauty of all we have learned, felt and accomplished on the journey. 

That’s is for this month….please feel free to share any comments you might have about these songs and how you felt about them, and I will see you next month for the next 2 songs - the deepest and most “spiritual” tracks from the album (Language of the Soul and Meditato)!

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