June 2022: "Elegy and Hope" and "Travels in Time"

This month’s discussion of tracks from my latest album, Lake of Dreams, is discussing what I was thinking about while composing Tracks 9 (Elegy and Hope) and 10 (Travels in Time)!  In writing this blog today, I find it a strange twist of serendipity that I am talking about these 2 tracks that have some things in common with the Elgar Variations that I discuss on my home page this month, at least from an emotional standpoint. 

Track 9, Elegy and Hope, is about dealing with loss in our lives (Elegy) and yet still finding Hope that it all means something.  The cello melody in the piece is about sorrow and reaching a place of acceptance, especially about events that are completely out of our own control.  I tried to capture a sense of mournfulness but then counter that with a sweeter melody that reminds us to try to find the positive in even the darkest of places and times. 

Track 10, Travels in Time, is a a song about thinking back over the arc of our lives….how we can think of events many years ago and they truly only seem like yesterday.  Maybe time is really an illusion, as many physicists seem to say….at least that’s what many think, as this article from Scientific American discusses. So I was trying to capture a feeling of wistfulness and longing for times in the past but also that there is something really beautiful about our lives that seems to transcend time, too.   

I hope you found this somewhat helpful, interesting and entertaining!  At least from the viewpoint of ideas I was thinking about while composing these 2 pieces. 

See you next month when I move onto the final 2 tracks, Track 11 (Room for Hope) and Track 12 (Wherever You Go)! 

Thanks for reading ;)

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