Fall 2023

Hi and thanks so much for stopping by my website!
Welcome to Fall (at least here in the northern hemisphere)!  

Like I had said in my summer post, I am a huge advocate of continuous learning….and I am continuing to take a number of online classes currently in Film Scoring, Music Composition and Production Music….I am very pleased with how a number of my new songs are sounding so will keep you apprised of progress with them and when I might be able to produce a new CD (hopefully by spring 2024).

I recently found out I have some health complications that will require me to get a rather major surgery in a couple days.  As always, I am hopeful that modern medicine (and robotic surgery!), God and the love of family and friends will help put this latest challenge behind me, after a couple months of recovery.  I can say with certainty, after many health challenges (rheumatoid arthritis for nearly 20 years now, breast cancer around 7 years ago, and now this latest diagnosis of another female cancer) that having a strong faith, positive attitude and a purpose in your life, no matter how big or small, is not only what makes life beautiful and provides meaning, but also that it can help us weather the storms that life sends our way and be a blessing to others in so many ways we can barely understand.

I now feel that my real purpose in life is to continue to write some great music that will really help people and the world at large….in whatever small or personal way that is possible. I have a strong reason to make it through this latest challenge and even draw from it more inspiration for the next music I compose!  I think we all have these types of “reasons for being” and talents that we can share with others.  I hope that you are able to find your own “reason for being” and that you feel a true sense of direction, purpose and satisfaction in knowing you are doing exactly what you should be doing in this world. ;) 

OK, enough philosophizing and deep stuff!   I hope you are having a wonderful fall (or spring) wherever you are and I wish you a fall full of deep relaxation, health and prosperity!

Love and peace,

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