Fall 2022: Endless Opportunities for Composers and Music Producers these Days

Hi there....Since I have wrapped up descriptions of all the tracks from latest CD, Lake of Dreams, last month I thought it might be kind of interesting to actually write something more truly blog-is this month!   

As I have described on my Home Page in the past, I am taking quite a few online music courses these days along the lines of actual music production as well as true composition courses (more in the cinematic composing vein).  I thoroughly enjoy these courses as we study a number of scores from great composers of the past (an then try to write something similar to or inspired by those scores) as well as learning a lot new harmony and composition techniques. 

For anyone who actually produces their own music in their own studio, then there’s always the actual production of this music (whether it be via midi or using samples or real musicians)!  This is an art in itself, to actually mix and master the music, so if you are really skilled in these areas, you can definitely be working with others or teaching others how to do the actual production.  This is big business these days….whether it be on YouTube or starting your own online courses, these are great ideas for musicians, composers and engineers/producers to actually share their knowledge and also make money. 

Beyond that, the amount of places needing new, original music these days Is enormous!  Whether it be Ads or background music for online services (like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc), or music for Satellite radio (like SiriusXM) or Games or Films or even corporate training videos, the places needing new music is gigantic these days!  Now, the competition is also pretty tough and the bar is pretty high these days, especially because the actual studio tools that composers and producers use have become so advanced and frankly, fairly cheap to what they were even 10 or 20 years ago.   

But this is a great time to be alive and to want to be in the music business (as rough as it truly is) as these 2 streams of Supply (the ability to produce top-notch music) and Demand (all those places needing your music) have truly reached what we can call a tipping point!  If Beethoven or Mozart or Chopin or any of the other great composers or the past were alive today, they would be blown away by all the opportunities we have today! {one caveat, though….they also might have been frustrated by how complicated the programs and tools we use are, but I’m pretty sure they also would have really dug them, lol!} 

So the sky is the limit, and to all you excited, adventurous and intrepid composers, musicians and producers out there, I say Go For It…. Learn and grow and share and profit! 

Til next time, keep looking up! :) 

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