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by Sharon West

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July 2022  

Thanks for stopping by my website!  I hope you are doing well and having some time to enjoy life, wherever you are in the world.  The summer here has really started to feel like summer, although here in the Chicago area, we have been really lucky this year so far with the temperatures only going into the lower 80s for the past couples weeks, so much better than parts of the US (and other parts of the world) that are sweltering in heat right now.  If you live in any of those areas, I hope the weather improves for you very soon! 

So how am I spending my summer? 

These kind of lazy, summer days are great to me, as I can just spend time working on music, and reading more of my stack of harmony, composition and orchestration books that are on my reading list this summer.  I’m also working with some fellow co-writers on lyrical songs and also more orchestral-type music that we hope to eventually place in various online music libraries for licensing into the Ad, Film and TV markets. 

I am also continuing to work away on new music of my own, and the classes I am taking online in Harmony and Composition are a great help to keep me writing and exploring new ideas in melodies, harmonies and sounds every day.  As I try to explain to others what I am spending my time on these days, it’s difficult to explain to folks how much time and concentration it takes to work on new pieces.  Just the simple work of exploring sounds (what we call “patches” or “samples” in the computer music world) takes a lot of time but it’s always incredible to discover some great melody idea or motif and work on expanding it into a really solid and enjoyable composition.  I have purchased a lot of new libraries of sounds over the past couple of months, so learning how they all sound and how they could be used in my music is super interesting and keeps me pretty busy. 

I also find time to read some purely fiction books and watch some great shows on all the streaming services out there….I am a huge fan of Sci-Fi shows as well as the adventure and paranormal shows on History and Discovery channels, so they provide a huge wealth of inspiration and ideas for new music.  So that’s what I’m spending time on this month! 

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Thanks again for stopping by! 

Blessings and see you again in August! ;) 


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