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As it has been for everyone, 2020 has been a crazy year, hasn’t it?  With the pandemic and not getting out much, I have been just continuing work on the new music in my studio, taking a number of composition, mixing/production and even some cinematic composing courses…so it’s kept me busy for sure.  I’ve also been upgrading a lot of the music libraries and tools in my studio (and learning and exploring them all, which is terribly time-consuming but fun!). 

I am still working away on the next couple of albums, and I have to say they are getting there, but I have discovered that I am struggling in 2 main areas: 

1) Since I am learning so much these days around both production as well as composing and arranging, I am starting to suffer from “What if I learn more tomorrow that I should have done in this album? Syndrome.”  I’m not sure if this is a real thing that others suffer from, but I also just read an article yesterday that said that just having songs on your hard drive doesn’t help you or the world, so get going, Sharon, lol! 

2) My second biggest problem these days is solidifying around one main genre for the next album.  Let me explain….I for sure write a lot of music that is more in the New Age category (which is a fairly broad category in itself), but I have also been writing a number of pieces that are more in the electronic area these days as well.  And some even truly belong more in the classical arena...so there’s a dilemma there for producing an album that sounds like a coherent piece of work. 

Hence,  I probably have around 40 songs in the hopper, and about 20 songs that are more or less ready to go into final arranging, mixing and production, but I am trying to make sure that I release a really decent start-to-finish solid album that sounds like a complete work while also being a really pleasant listening experience. 

So I am working away and starting to move into the final phases of at least releasing one next album, so stay tuned and I hope to have it ready in a couple of months.  In the meantime, I hope you are staying well and I wish you the best of health, happiness and prosperity into 2021 and beyond! 

Happiest Holidays and Love, Peace and Virtual Hugs, 


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