Winter 2023
Hi and thanks so much for stopping by my website!

Welcome to Winter (at least here in the northern hemisphere)!  

Well, I made it just fine through my surgery in October and have healed nicely so I’m finally getting back into the swing of things!  I am so grateful that we caught the cancer early and I should make a full recovery.  Like I always say, it’s better to get those annual checkups and make sure that you follow-up on anything out-of-the-ordinary as soon as you can (I know, it’s also scary but we live in a great age of modern medicine, too!).  I actually had a Robotic-assisted surgery and only stayed overnight in the hospital (in what would have been a couple of weeks many years ago).  So now I’m finally able to get back to swimming and regular workouts in the pool (which are a miracle cure for someone like me with RA, rheumatoid arthritis).  Many Thanks to all my family and friends for all the prayers and healing thoughts that went into the past couple of months.

So even with all this going on, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in my studio working on many new songs and new music!  Amazing with how each experience provides us with a different perspective and many new ideas, and even determination, to produce new, creative pieces.  I am working away on a lot of more cinematic pieces for my classes, but also working on the next album of music which will be in the Ambient/Relaxation/Sleeping category.  I listen to a lot of this kind of music on my own, and feel I can produce something that will be very relaxing and beautiful, so I am hoping to release this next album in the first half of 2024!

I wish you the Happiest of Holiday Seasons this year, and want to say a huge THANK YOU to anyone who has streamed my music on any platforms (Spotify was big for the second half of the year!) or bought any CDs.  
Thanks so much for your patronage - it means a lot to me as I continue to work on new music. :)
I hope your holidays are filled with peace, warmth and love!

Love and Hugs,

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