Spring 2024

Welcome to Spring (at least here in the northern hemisphere) - but I have to put a large caveat behind that as it was very cold and snowy here today, so I would have to say that Spring is still a little ways away from here in the Midwest!  

So I know I had shared that I had a rather large surgery last October (for a female reproductive cancer surgery, that was caught early, thank God!) and seemed to be making a fine recovery for the first month or so.  And then I started noticing that my heart rate kept going up and even started getting alerts on my iWatch so went to see my cardiologist in mid-December.  Long story short, my thyroid went hyperthyroid on me, and that was causing my heart to go into Atrial Fibrillation (very erratic heart rate that fluctuates wildly up and down)….I’ve never experienced anything like that but after a number of tests and bloodwork, I’ve gone on a number of new medications to try to bring my thyroid and heart rate back into normal ranges.  After nearly 3 months of being on a ton of meds, my heart rate is finally slowing down some and my thyroid is starting to get back to normal.  I just keep following all the doctors’ orders and taking my meds, so hopefully it will all sort itself out, and I’ll be able to get back to a more “normal” state of being.

I share all this, because I have certainly had a lot of medical things over the past 20 years (Rheumatoid Arthritis for 20 years now, breast cancer 8 years ago, and now this most recent bout of a uterine cancer last fall, and then this whole thyroid/heart problem).  So I have had a lot of time to reflect on many spiritual and medical things these past so many months, and really felt I was being “called” to work on some new music in the more healing/spiritual/ambient/sleep areas!  I know many people have all kinds of things we all go through, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, so I hopefully can use some of my own experiences to share some real healing with the world through this new music :).

So I have started working on just that over the past couple of months, and am making some great progress on my next album.  At the rate the music is progressing, I hope to release this next album filled with Healing and Relaxation by June!  That is my goal, so I will post progress on this album each month now until it’s ready for release.  

I hope that wherever you are, you are finding some joy and happiness in each day, no matter how difficult the day can be.  And let’s hope for Spring soon and warmer, sunny days ahead! :)

Peace and Love,

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