Spring 2019

Greetings and thanks for stopping by my website: Dusty Dreams – Music for Life’s Journey, Music for the Soul!


Hey, hope you are having a Great Day! Just wanted you to know about a great online Free radio station, Outboundmusic.com, that is now carrying some of my tracks (additional tracks to be added in the near future).
Here's a link to my page for listening to some of my complete tracks:
I hope you will take a listen and check out some of the other artists on here as well. Happy Listening!

I hope things are well in your world, and spring is finally coming for you wherever you are!  It’s felt like a really long winter here in the Chicago area, but spring is finally starting to come around!  Warmer weather and buds starting to peak out on tree branches and flowers starting to pop up out of the ground everywhere - yeah!

I continue to work on new music in my newly setup studio here in my new (little, cozy, lovely) ranch home in the far west suburbs of Chicago now.  I’m working in a couple of different music programs these days and busy experimenting across multiple programs (Digital Performer, Logic, Finale, MuseScore), so I’m still hoping to get a new album done this year.

As I had shared last year, I am still recovering from 2 broken arms I had last year (1 fall in March at my health club that resulted in surgery, a plate and 9 pins in my left arm and shoulder; and the other in November when I fell in my basement onto the concrete floor on my right side and broke that upper arm and part of my shoulder - Good Grief, lol!).

But finally after many months of physical therapy and healing, I am starting to be able to spend some significant time in my studio again and really work on some great new stuff.  The rheumatoid arthritis (going on 16 years) and the chemo I had a few years ago for breast cancer (but God bless science for the wonderful progress and treatments today!) have really taken a toll on my poor bones…but I am hanging in there and finding new reserves of patience, compassion, humility and love for the world than I ever had before.  I hope to convey those emotions and that journey in my next album :).

I will definitely provide some updates and load up some samples here soon (hopefully June or July!)

Love and Peace to you,