Greetings and thanks for stopping by my website, Dusty Dreams – Music for Life’s Journey, Music for the Soul!


It is finally starting to look and feel like spring is really starting here in the midwest, and it's just so refreshing to see all the green leaves and grass again.....I know the birds are loving it too, as I can hear them start chirping away at around 5 a.m. these days!  Not that I'm an early-riser by any stretch, but they tend to sing so loudly around my house that it can actually wake me up, which isn't all bad.  Makes me think of the beautiful opening of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony and how nature comes alive through a series of yawns until the oboes start the initial melody....ahhh, spring!


I've been working on some new music, and really focusing on melody and rhythms so we'll see where that all leads this year.  Now that spring is here, I feel a rush of new melodies that envelope me in its dreamy state and it's just taking the time to work and develop them some more...for any writers or composers out there, it's always frustrating to have a nearly complete melody but struggle with how to link it to a more complete section, either before or after it...which leads me back to my favorite composer, Beethoven, as I sit here writing this while listening to his inspiring and magical Pastoral Symphony.....he was such a master of taking a melodic section that is only 4 or even 8 beats and completely building a symphony around it!  Sometimes I think I over-complicate my own melodies and go off on meaningless paths that don't relate to the melodic motif at all....such is the life of a composer!


So I guess that will be my mantra for this spring: try to simplify and get to the essence of the thing!  Hopefully I can achieve that with my music, and life in general :)

Ahh, spring - when all life begins anew!  I wish you a beautiful and happy spring, too!

Peace and Love always,